Suite of Victron parts for Lithium batteries on a boat

Suite of Victron parts for Lithium batteries on a boat

The full suite of Victron parts would include the following:

VE Bus BMS - the battery management system
BMV 712 battery monitor
MultiPlus inverter charger
Remote for MultiPlus
The Color Control GX (CCGX) is optional, it doesnt do anything, just displays things (rather nicely). If you connect it to the internet you can monitor your system remotely, have troubleshooting done remotely, and use it to upgrade the firmware in your connected equipment.
You will need the MK3-USB interface to program the MultiPlus
You will need a Battery Protect for your DC Loads.  That is what shuts them off when the battery becomes empty
If you have solar you will need one or more charge controllers.
If you have charge controllers AND a CCGX then the charge controller need a Battery Protect to shut them off when the battery is full.
And finally you need a way to connect in the alternator to the system.  In your case that would most likely be a Cyrix-Li-Ct

There are lots of ways to deal with the alternator and it is the one that generates the most discussion.  Here is an article to get you started:
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