Troubleshooting MultiPlus

Troubleshooting MultiPlus

Here are some generic tips for troubleshooting a MultiPlus

1. To reboot the processor disconnect the AC and DC connections and leave them both off at the same time for at least 30 seconds

2. With AC and DC power disconnected check for loose connections

3. Reconnect AC and DC power. 

2. Verify that you are connected to DC Power by measuring the voltage across the DC Input terminals

3. Verify that you are connected to AC Power by measuring voltage across the AC Input terminals

4. Verify that the unit is turned on using the switch on the front face (or for MultiPlus-II models the switch on the underside).

5. Remove the connection to any remote panel so you are testing the unit in its most basic state

6. If you are having trouble with temperature issues disconnect the temperature sensor (if fitted)

7. Test all the functions of the device even if you currently want to use only one function.

8. Is the ambient temperature excessive? Is there enough ventilation for the unit.  Is its fan running when it is trying to do something?

9. If you have any special programming like "assistants" installed check to see if something in the programming has turned off the unit.  If necessary remove the programming, reset to default and retest.

10. Is the Multi connected to a Cerbo and is DVCC engaged.  If so DVCC is in control of the Multi.  Check the status on the Cerbo.  Try it with the Cerbo disconnected.

11. Update the Firmware to the latest version.  One of the questions on the warranty form asks you to update the firmware to the latest version and then asks you what is the latest version.  So you might as well do it now and if it doesn't fix the problem at least you will be ready to go on to the next stage.  To update the firmware first load the latest version of Victron Connect into your computer.  The password for Victron Connect is zzz. Then connect your computer to the MultiPlus with Victron Connect using the Mk3 USB Interface.  It will prompt you to save your settings to the computer because the update will erase them all.  When you are done you can reload them.  My Blog post and Video explains how to do this.

Attached are the Pre-RMA instructions which you should go over prior to completing and RMA request.  The idea of all these steps is to get you to very thoroughly test your unit on site.  Often the problem is not the Multi but something else in the system.  Often people send back a Multi to the repair facility only to find there is nothing wrong with it.  If this happens they charge you for their time and return shipping. 
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