Troubleshooting Victron Connect Bluetooth

Troubleshooting Victron Connect Bluetooth

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you are having difficulty connecting to your solar charge controller.

1. The controller must be powered up and connected to a battery.  There should be some indication of life such as a flashing light

2. The Bluetooth must be enabled on your phone

3. You must have the latest version of the Victron Connect installed on your phone

4. All connections are handled within the app

5. Pull down the screen from the top or hit the refresh button to refresh the app and have it search for new devices

6. The first time you attempt to connect the phone will ask to 'pair' with the device. Enter the pin code. The default pin code is 000000

7. The first time you connect it may want to update the firmware of the device to the latest version.  This will happen any time you update your app and new firmware is available.

8. Some people using Android phones run into trouble with step 7, in this case try to borrow an iPhone to complete this part of the process.

9. If you are having further trouble please make screenshots of how far you got so we can understand better where you got stuck.

10. Here is the Victron Connect Manual which has screenshots and extended descriptions

11. The Victron Connect Manual has an extended troubleshooting section.

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