Victron Warranty Procedure

Victron Warranty Procedure

Victron Energy Warranty Procedure 

Victron Energy offers a five year warranty for most items that they sell, the only exception is batteries where the warranty is two years for conventional batteries and three years for lithium batteries.  Victron requires PKYS to be responsible for administration of the warranty for items that we sell so we will be your first contact in the event of a warranty issue.  Note that we do not determine the outcome of the warranty claim but merely act as administrators. Please complete this form  If you would like us to submit a warranty claim on your behalf.  We may ask you to do some troubleshooting before we send in the claim to Victron.  
If your claim is for an MPPT there is an extra step and you have to fill in two forms.  The first is a questionnaire. to help troubleshoot and the second is  the actual claim form.  You have to fill in both of them.

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